Murray Brothers BITD UTV World Championship Report

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Downey, CA (4/21/2017) – Murray Racing’s Jason and Derek Murray survived two hard crashes to record their 48th consecutive finish during the UTV World Championship in Laughlin, NV. The event was the third round of the Best in the Desert Series and boasted a record 300 entries.

The Murrays came off the line second in the Turbo class desert race, but hit lapped traffic on lap two and were tangled up in a multi-car pileup. Despite a bent trailing arm, they soldiered on, only to be involved in another crash two laps later that tore the entire front end off of their Can-Am X3. Their crew worked overtime and got them back out so they could finish.

Murray Racing BITD Racing
Can-Am / ITP / LSR / Murray Racing’s Jason & Derek Murray

“Our car was super fast,” said Jason Murray. “Circumstances were what they were, but we are super proud of our guys. They stuck with it and never quit. Even with a cracked frame, broken front end, and bent radius rods-there wasn’t a straight edge on that car-they got it back together and got us back on track. Keeping that finishing streak alive is important. Our guys saved the day.”

Jason Murray drove the whole race with Derek as co-driver. Had circumstances been different, they would have been well in the mix for the victory.

“I was a little disappointed we got caught in traffic because the Can-Am X3 was running strong,” said Murray. “We had plenty of power and the car was just flying through the whoops.”

The Murrays were happy to see a Can-Am win the race. Phil Blurton drove a Can-Am X3 to victory in the 160-mile event.

Murray Racing BITD Racing

“We’re always excited for a fellow Can-Am to get the win,” said Jason Murray. “With all of the Polaris out there, it was nice to show that Can-Am is a real contender.”

The Murrays’ crew got even more recognition before the race. Showing the mettle they later put to bear on the broken car, they won the Pit Crew Challenge earlier in the week.

“They put in a bunch of practice and came away with the W,” said Murray. “The guys are really pumped and they came home with some really cool jacks.”

The Murrays will return to BITD competition when the series returns to action August 16-19 with the Vegas to Reno event

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